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long distance relationship doesn’t work and I’m falling apart.

working for shell in bintulu is the best thing for my career. not the best for a relationship. and there’s no “break up” for marriage. 


today my professor told me
every cell in our entire body
is destroyed and replaced
every seven years.

how comforting it is to know
one day I will have a body
you will have never touched.

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Q & A

OMG u're getting married?? Congrats weiiii!!! :)

OMG YOU STILL CHECK TUMBLR? AHAHAHAHA okay segan sepatutnye hushushush until the big day

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Also, another wedding update:

yes to losing weight. 

you now what’s amazing? motivation and purpose. you have this amount of time to do this much of work for this specific purpose. believe or not, it’s working. i’m doing 5-6km jogs everyday, yoga, weights..and my body kicks ass. another 4-5 kilos before april and yeay yeay yeay. :)

Q & A

WTH? Getting married? Tak heboh pun

:) why nak heboh?

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Valentine’s Day. Or the Day I Think About You Every Second Just Because

It shouldn’t be roses and chocolates and cards. No sir, not for me. I want those kisses, the hugs, your touch. 

It shouldn’t be fancy, shouldn’t be bought, shouldn’t be mass produced. Give me your time, your strength, your poetry. 

I love you. Will keep on loving you. Forever and a day.


i hit rock bottom like every 5 hours

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Wedding Plans

So my wedding is on 1/4/14. Picked the date cuz its so nice. Exactly 6 weeks and 4 days left. It’s all hush hush because…1) its a rushed wedding cuz of secret reasons 2) I didn’t invite a lot of people. Mostly cuz money. I’ve always preferred small weddings anyways. Akad nikah and then ciou. Everythings nearly sorted out. Baju, pelamin bla bla bla. Still looking for photographer. I’m so buzy, I don’t even know why.  Limited door gifts…all dari bandung pon so its like 100 pieces ja. Family mostly. Mom is upset. Dad is sad. Usual family emotions I guess. Along is in a lot of pressure, side effect that was completely unintended. Didn’t mean for her to feel like this. :( Lots of support from Mimi. Yeay, brazillian wax for my wedding night. Wtf, IDK, but that’s going to be cool. Blood check clear No STDs or HIV. Need to tell Imah soon but I don’t want her to come back to Malaysia yet. Dah la she’s homesick for serai. Going with Lomu to alter baju wedding next weekend too. FAK actually so many things. So limited money. WHY


go to college, stay in college, stay in a city you hate just so you don’t feel like a failure.


go to college, stay in college, stay in a city you hate just so you don’t feel like a failure.

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